PulsON® 410: The World’s Best Ranging Radio

Time Domain’s PulsON® 410 (P410) module continues our progression of small, low cost, low power OEM UWB ranging platforms. The P410 uses a unique ultra wideband (UWB) pulsed-RF signaling strategy ideal for two-way time-of-flight (TW-TOF) ranging and communications. Using our latest Ranging and Communications Module (RCM) software, the P410 provides peer-to-peer wireless distance measurements with better than 2 cm accuracy in high multipath, highly reflective environments. We excel in places where GPS and other ranging / tracking systems struggle.

A patented range quality metric, based on the direct-sampled signal signature, allows the user to easily detect blocked or compromised measurements. An estimate of the standard deviation of each range measurement is provided with each reading. This is ideal for supporting Kalman Filter-based localizers.

The P410 now provides a Coarse Range Estimate (CRE) of the distance between the receiver and any transmitter in the area. This estimate is based on the signal strength of the direct path pulse, thus it does not suffer from the typical multipath issues of conventional signal strength methods. CRE is also recalibrated with each precision distance measurement of the same link, thus it does not require setup calibration and retains accuracy throughout RF channel changes. While not as accurate as our TW-TOF range measurements, CRE is up to seven times more frequent, providing a 7x increase in overall system capacity.

The P410 also provides users with the ability to send data while measuring distance. The P410 is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and reliable UWB transceiver focused on enabling you to solve your difficult collision avoidance, asset tracking, or device navigation problems.

The RCM is ideal for those Ranging / Location / Tracking applications which require:

  • Extremely accurate (2 cm) location measurements in Line-of-Sight (but high multipath) conditions
  • Indoor through-wall accuracies of less than 0.5 meters, with built-in real-time metrics indicating measurement quality
  • Fast update rates (now up to 100 Hz) with low latency
  • Long range of operation (hundreds of meters) even at regulated (unlicensed) power levels
  • Simultaneous ranging and communications using the same packet structure
  • Ad hoc system set-up - no surveying, no cabling, no calibrating
  • Dynamic / moving frames of reference

The P410 represents years of UWB research and development. Now it’s your turn. Invent something new.

The P410 and RCM software enables you to quickly create and innovate with pulsed-RF radio. Contact us today.

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Architecture and User Interface

P410 interface diagram

The P410 RCM provides all of the hardware and software controls necessary to enable two-way, targeted time of flight (TOF) ranging and simultaneous communications among many P410 RCMs. The resultant range information can be used to compute the location of each of the P410 RCMs relative to each other. The user communicates with the P410 through a simple, easy-to-use Applications Programming Interface (API) that allows users to develop a tracking and communications network tailored to their target application. The API also provides a number of Media Access Control (MAC) layer support mechanisms.

Brandon Dewberry on Time Domain's New PulsON 410 and RCM 2.0 Software

The new RCM 2.0 software provides for range measurement acquisition that is even faster, more reliable and more accurate than before. Combining the increased accuracy of RCM 2.0 with our own precision tracking techniques, we are now able to achieve millimeter-level precision for our customers using our TS-400 ad-hoc position tracking system. Beside the improvements in range measurement, RCM 2.0 offers valuable information about the range measurement, such as line-of-sight flags, filtered range auxiliary range measurements, signal strengths and promiscuous range information, and signal scan data that help us further improve the performance of our tracking systems.
-- Dr. Edzko Smid, President, iTrack