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Time Domain Receives Fundamental Patent for Sense-Through-The-Wall Radar Technologies

Patent covers all through wall sensing, rubble rescue, tunnel occupant detection, and similar applications

Huntsville, Alabama, April 24, 2006 – Time Domain Corporation, a worldwide leader in the development of Ultra Wideband [UWB] wireless products, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No 7,030,806 broadly covering two distinct technologies: a radar that uses wide bandwidth energy bursts to detect the presence of an object through a structural wall, and a radar that uses wide bandwidth energy bursts to detect motion through a physical barrier.

“Time Domain has always intended to create entirely new markets with UWB technology,” said CEO Will Webb, “and we created the sense-through-thewall (STTW) radar market that exists today with our pioneering RadarVision product. This latest patent gives us exclusive rights to make, use, sell, or license the technology, which will result in significant licensing revenue for the company.”

War Fighters in the Global War on Terrorism are successfully using the radar products worldwide. In addition, first responder markets including local law enforcement agencies, firefighters, and border control are expressing interest in using STTW technology. “We are very proud our STTW technology is being used to protect the lives of policemen, SWAT team members and War Fighters and to rescue victims within the rubble of collapsed buildings,” said Webb.

This patent is the latest in a series of continuation prosecution filings Time Domain has made off its earliest patent filings, giving it priority back to 1988. “Larry Fullerton, Time Domain’s Founder and Chief Scientist, invented STTW technology almost two decades ago. With the combination of this new patent and the recent development of the STTW market, Time Domain is now positioned to reap the benefits of his pioneering work”, said Mark Roberts, Director, Intellectual Property.

This very valuable US patent has brought Time Domain’s total number of active US patents to 90, with 5 allowed patents that should issue soon. Further information about the issued claims of this patent can be viewed at www.uspto.gov.

Forward Looking Statements

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