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Welcome Message from Rachel Reinhardt, Time Domain President and CEO


It has long been accepted that Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology is the key to providing superior real time precise location of people and assets, but Time Domain is the first to unleash its full potential. Built upon five generations of custom UWB silicon, our proprietary PulsON 410 platform is the world’s best coherent UWB OEM module. It enables real-time localization in the most difficult environments – where GPS fails and where ad-hoc or moving frames of reference are required.

With the PulsON 410, you can now integrate advanced positioning and sensor communications capabilities directly into your products. This extremely versatile platform can also function as a small, low cost, low power radar device. By harnessing the power of PulsON® you can create entirely new applications and revolutionize existing ones.

Time Domain also has an accomplished contract engineering services team available to assist you along your development path. Whether it is a direct project for industry or a government contracting opportunity, our talented team can provide expertise in all aspects of UWB technology, from feasibility studies to ASIC design.

With our industry-leading performance powering your products, our contract services providing solutions and our extensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio protecting you in your market, Time Domain can significantly boost your market share and profitability. Beyond this significant head start, we are dedicated to your continued success and to ensuring you benefit from the total technology investment – past, present, and future.

PulsON® 410: The World’s Finest Coherent UWB OEM Module

The PulsON 410 (P410) is an incredibly versatile and agile UWB platform. Used with our RCM software, the P410 provides superior ranging and communications in high multipath environments, where GPS and other tracking systems struggle. Used with our MRM and/or CAT software, the P410 becomes a fully coherent, short-range radar with excellent clutter rejection characteristics. The CAT software also makes the P410 an excellent tool for RF channel modeling. These capabilities are available today for integration into your products and applications!

"Time Domain's UWB technology was the clear choice to provide the high precision and reliability we need in difficult, GPS-denied environments." -- Jim Marchi, CEO, Metrom Rail.

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