The Secret's Out.

It's time. More versatile, more capable, and more accessible than ever before, our PulsON hardware and software make UWB easy to use and integrate into the solutions you need to solve real-world problems.

Hand holding Time Domain's P440 board

We’ve made our PulsON family bigger by making things smaller.

Our new P440 and P330 modules represent the state of the art in UWB precision ranging and localization, communications, and radar/sensing. And we’ve added new software functionality to shorten your development time and speed your time to market. We can’t wait to tell you more, so contact us today.

P330 with screenshot


The P330 brings DecaWave’s UWB ranging and communications chip and Time Domain’s navigation and tracking software together in a compact platform that is remarkably easy to use and integrate.

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P440 with screenshot


Time Domain’s most advanced UWB sensor offers superior ranging and position accuracy, extended operating range, and radar/sensing in a single all-in-one platform.

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